Managed Plantations

Resource Producing Assets

We invite you to consider an investment vehicle that offers attractive returns and long term stability- managed plantations. Investors are discovering their ability to generate above average returns while safeguarding nature and the environment. Directed Evolution is pleased to introduce a sustainable approach to investing, where profits and positive impact merge.

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On managed timber plantations, a minimum of 500 trees will be grown, interplanting mahogany with other species for higher yields.

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Managed Farms

Organic produce continues to increase in global demand. We offer opportunities to invest in managed farms without daily involvement.

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Crop Insurance

In order to meet volume expectations of harvestable timber, additional trees will be planted to ensure proper yields are met.

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Value-Add Services

Harvesting services are offered for plantation owners. Organic produce can be juiced or converted into nutritional suppliments for export.

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Located in Southern Belize

Managed Timber and Organic Agriculture

Own Your Own Farm

Timber + Bamboo + Organic Agriculture

A diversified approach that blends short, mid and longer term vehicles into one plantation that's managed for you.